Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Felt Chinese Take Out Box

Here are the free tutorials and full size pattern for making your own felt take out box.

Cut out the felt fabrics for your take out box.

Cut out the papertstock (tissuebox) for your take out box.

Stitch the logo onto the 1 piece of the FRONT of the box with red threads.

Next arrange your felt fabrics in the above manner (2 pieces each set).

And sew them together starting with sewing the 2 pieces of FRONT to the 2 pieces of BASE.

Insert the paperstock base to the BASE and finish sewing the rest.

Then sew the sides of the FRONT & SIDE together.

Repeat the same for the other sides.

Next slot the rest of the paperstock in between the 2 pieces of the FRONT, SIDES and BACK.

Fully insert the paperstock inside the box.

Next stitch the edge of 2 pieces of the front flaps together with Blanket Stitch - except for the bottom part.
(Please refer to my free tutorial page for Blanket Stitch Tutorial).

Repeat the same for the 3 flaps.

Sew the front flap to the front of the box.

Next sew the on the back flap ensuring it's the opposite direction as the front flap.

Then sew the 2 side flaps to the side.

And your Take-Out Box is finished!!

Fill your Take-Out Box with your favorite food!!


Here are the patterns for the Felt Take-Out Box. Click on the pictures for the full-sized patterns for printing and cutting out.


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